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Suchismita Mishra

Suchismita Mishra

Knight Ridder Center Research Fellow

Associate Professor
Department of Finance

College of Business
Florida International University

Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11200 S.W. 8th St, RB 208B
Miami, FL 33199

P: (305) 348-4282
E: mishras@fiu.edu


  • PhD, Finance
    University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Master of Arts, International Economics
    University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Master of Arts, Applied & Analytical Economics
    Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India
  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics
    Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • International Finance
  • Interactions Between Financial Markets and Corporate Decisions, Corporate Governance in Connection with Macroeconomics, Regulations and Capital Market Research

Professional Activities

Dr. Mishra is actively involved in research and has co-authored 13 papers that have been accepted for publication and several other working papers and research in progress. She has published articles in premier journals such as Journal of Financial Markets, Journal of Financial Research, Accounting Horizons etc. Her areas of research are Asset Pricing, Market Microstructure and Corporate Governance. Moreover, she has presented papers in several professional conferences, including The Northern Finance Association, The Financial Management Association, Eastern Finance Association, Midwest Finance Association to name a few. She has reviewed several papers for the Financial Management, Financial Review and Journal of Financial Research etc. Her teaching experience includes such courses as Corporate Finance, Fixed Income Securities and International Finance and Ph.D. seminar in Financial Modeling and Market Microstructure.

Courses Taught

  • Corporate Finance
  • Finance Dissertation Preparation
  • Finance Doctoral Independent Study
  • Finance Doctoral Research Project
  • Financial Futures and Fixed Income Investments
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Risk Management-Financial Engineering
  • Financial Theory III
  • Foundations of Financial Models
  • Global Financial Strategy
  • Intermediate Finance
  • International Financial Management
  • Ph.D. Dissertation

Refereed Journal Articles

Mishra, S., Daigler, R. T. & Holowczack, R. (2016). The Effect of High-Frequency Market Making on Option Market Liquidity. Journal of Trading. 11 (4), 56-76.

Fernandez, G. (2015). With One Shot, Which Bullet Would You Use? (III) Market versus Accounting Data in.  International Journal of Finance.

Fernandez, G. (2014). With One Shot, Which Bullet Would You Use? (I) Market versus Accounting Data in.  International Journal of Finance.

Mishra, S. & Daigler, R. T. (2014). Intraday Trading and Bid–Ask Spread Characteristics for SPX and SPY Options.  Journal of Derivatives.

DeFusco, R. A., Mishra, S. & Raghunandan, K. (2010). Changes in the information efficiency of stock prices: Additional evidence.  Financial Review. 45 (1), 153-165.

Mishra, S., Rowe, W. W., Prakash, A. J. & Ghosh, D. (2009). Spread behavior around board meetings for firms with concentrated insider ownership.  Journal of Financial Markets. 12 (4), 592-610.

Dao, M., Mishra, S. & Raghunandan, K. (2008). Auditor Tenure and Shareholder Ratification of the Auditor.  Accounting Horizons. 22 (3), 297-314.

Mishra, S., DeFusco, R. A. & Prakash, A. J. (2008). Skewness Preference, Value and Size Effects.  Applied Financial Economics. 18 (5), 379-386.

Huang, H., Mishra, S. & Raghunandan, K. (2007). Types of non-audit fees and financial reporting quality.  Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory. 26 (1), 133-145.

Mishra, S., Prakash, A. J., Karels, G. V. & Pactwa, T. (2007). Skewness preference and the measurement of abnormal returns.  Applied Economics. 39 (6), 739-757.

Nguyen, D., Mishra, S., Prakash, A. & Ghosh, D. (2007). Liquidity and asset pricing under the three-moment CAPM paradigm.  Journal of Financial Research. 30 (3), 379-398.

Mishra, S., Prakash, A. J. & Karels, G. V. (2005). Bank Mergers and Components of Risk: An Evaluation.  Journal of Economics and Finance. 29 (1), 86-97.

Mishra, S., Raghunandan, K. & Rama, D. (2005). Do Investors’ Perceptions Vary with Types of Non-audit Fees? Evidence from Auditor Ratification Voting.  Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory. (Number 2), 9-25.

Prakash, A. J., Mishra, S. & Ghosh, D. (2005). The Kraus and Litzenberger Quadratic Characteristic Line.  Frontiers in Finance and Economics. 2 (2), 67-78.

Lawrence, E. R., Mishra, S. & Prakash, A. J. (2004). A Synthesis of Theoretical Relationship between Systematic Risk and Financial and Accounting Variables.  International Journal of Finance. 2 (1), 19-27.

Mishra, S. & McCabe, G. (2003). Bid-Ask Spread and Variability, and Measures of Risk: A Theoretical Perspective.  International Journal of Finance. 15 (4), 2755-2763.

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