Elective CoursesProfessional MBA

The Professional MBA program provides students with the opportunity to customize their degree through elective course offerings. The electives are offered through the various Chapman Graduate School of Business programs. Please review the courses carefully to ensure that any necessary pre-requisites are met and to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

The following options are available to students enrolling in an elective:

Specialization: All PMBA students can complete two electives in the same field of study to receive a specialization letter signed by the MBA Programs faculty director

Concentration: Available to PMBA Flex students only, a concentration will be posted directly to a student’s transcript in the form of a sub-plan upon completion of four elective courses in the same field (two required elective courses plus two additional elective courses).

General MBA: PMBA Flex students who take their required elective courses in two different fields will meet their graduation requirements but will not be eligible for a specialization.

Students interested in completing one of the options above should contact the program administration for academic advising.

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